"When we contacted the Girl Scouts of CT for recommendations on potential workshop panelists for our 1st annual Girls Symposium, they emphatically suggested Alison Hill.  Ms. Hill graciously accepted our invitation to participate as a panelist and took the lead on moderating the Social Media workshop.  She helped us to shape the overall framework of the social media panel and to reconsider our initial approach.  The panel received rave reviews and this is unequivocally a result of Alison’s input.  Based on her ebullience and work with Girl Scouts and as a consultant, we also believed that she was an apropos candidate to kick-off our event attended by nearly 250 professionals.   Ms. Hill crafted a poignant Power Point presentation depicting girls doing great things and was able to nicely connect them to the various themes of the day.  Click here to view the video Alison created for this event."

-  Tricia A. Hyacinth, Associate, The Fund for Women and Girls, Fairfield County Community Foundation

"Alison gave an excellent talk on “Kids and Communications Technology” at the annual meeting of our grantees, all of whom provide direct services to needy children and youths in New York City. After asking the group in advance about their experience and interests, she developed a talk tailored to their needs. The talk was extremely informative, very well presented, and well received by those who attended."

-  Cavin P. Leeman, President, Stephen & May Cavin Leeman Foundation


As the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and GE prepared to launch the inaugural GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program last year, we sought best practices to help us create an esteemed program for exemplary student leaders.  Critical Issues for Youth’s expertise was valuable in building this new national program and attracting top talent.  In our first year, we received thousands of applications from extraordinary young leaders and laid the foundation for a robust program in years to come.

- Erin Korsvall, Program Officer, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation