Girl Scout Initiatives

"We hired Critical Issues for Youth to help us customize our teen-dating violence programming for Girl Scout audiences.  Alison provided us with a comprehensive understanding of how Girl Scouts operates and led us through the steps it would take to create a turn-key resource for Councils.  Her knowledge of Girl Scouts, program design and implementation expertise, and project management skills enabled us to expand our reach into the Girl Scout community.  The doors Alison opened for us into Girl Scouts have continued to benefit our organization as we now work with local Councils to educate and serve their girls.  I highly recommend Alison and her work – she is a passionate and dedicated individual who has extensive content knowledge and incredible business acumen."

-  Eric Anderson, Program DirectorBreak the Cycle

"I would like to highly recommend Alison Trachtman Hill as a consultant and/or curriculum writer. I have worked with Alison for over 6 years in various capacities. She has always proven to be efficient, knowledgeable and most of all, helpful in every way. She is an expert in the field of women and girl issues and is proficient in all aspects of violence prevention and intervention. Alison has served as my mentor and guiding light in establishing an anti-violence program in our council. She has also written curriculum for both our PAVE anti-violence program and our Character Trails program. Everything she has created has been enthusiastically received by our collaborators and facilitators. Her knowledge and area of expertise are second to none. Whatever your need, I can assure you Alison can fulfill that need for you, and in the best way possible!!!!"

-  Mary Ann Owens, Director of Membership ServicesGirl Scouts of Eastern Missouri

"Over the past four years, it has been a pleasure to work with Alison as she served as the Project Manager for implementation of significant federal grants to support anti-violence education and violence prevention. Alison worked closely with our council to provide invaluable guidance, resources and support in implementing the grant funds that our council had been awarded. Alison is impressive in her consistent ability to keep her finger on the pulse of what is happening within anti-violence field. She goes above and beyond simply making sure that a grant is implemented following the guidelines- she always strives to raise the bar of program quality and encourage councils to develop best practices that can have positive impact across the Girl Scout Movement. Alison has outstanding skills in multiple areas, including program and curriculum development, project management, research, and outcomes measurement. I look forward to continuing to work on with Alison on a wide-variety of projects."

-  Jessica H. Lawrence, CEOGirl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council

"I had the pleasure of working with Alison as a member of the “Funded Initiatives” team at Girl Scouts of the USA – a group responsible for the implementation and continued development of grant programs serving Girl Scout councils throughout the nation. 

Alison was an amazing program manager to work with and learn from. She has the ability to see the big picture and understand program goals, and then develop a plan to accomplish it. Most importantly, however, she knows how to manage relationships, successfully building strong partnerships and achieving buy-in from those she works with. This innate ability to build those types of relationships ensures successful program outcomes because of the shared sense of ownership between all parties involved. 

Alison is also amazingly passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to the field of relational aggression and bullying. It has been inspiring to watch her take this passion and build her “Critical Issues for Girls” organization. As a result of her work and the resources she is engaged in producing, I have no doubt that today’s young women will be more self-aware, confident in themselves, ideas, and talents, and well prepared to realize their dreams no matter what curveballs the world throws them. She is a valuable addition to any team and I personally look forward to opportunities to work with Alison and “Critical Issues for Girls” in the future."

-Kate Pickle, Senior Program Director,

"Alison and I worked together on the Girl Scout Cadette journey, “aMaze: The Twists and Turns of Getting Along,” a curriculum that guides girls in middle school to forge healthy relationships. Alison contributed her expertise in relational aggression to elevate the relevance of the journey. Alison is a sharp and progressive project manager who understands what girls need and want in today’s world."

-Laura Birnbaum, Event, Wedding, & Corporate Sales Manager,

"Alison is a talented professional whose attention to detail and commitment to a job well done consistently exceed my expectations. I worked with Alison in her role at Girl Scouts of the USA. She was an incredible resource, well versed in the areas of bullying and juvenile deliquency and was instrumental in providing me with information that ultimately helped me secure funding for our local Girl Scout Council. Alison provided ongoing support, thoughtful discussion and spirited debate during our many interactions and often challenged me to think in new ways and try different approaches to analyzing and solving problems. She is a wonderful colleague."

-Lisa Johnson, Marketing & Brand Management,

"As Senior Writer/Editor at Girl Scouts of the USA, I have worked closely with Alison on a number of projects including the Healthy Relationships series, College 101, and other anti-violence curriculum. Alison is a self-starter who takes a project by the horns and gets things done. She is smart, thorough, insightful, and an excellent team player. We've developed a lot of content together and it has always been stimulating and energizing to work with her. Alison is passionate about what she does and always goes the extra mile to produce high-quality results."

-Janet Lombardi, Director, Information & Referral Center,

"I was very fortunate to meet Alison last year. However I have known of her work for some time. In 2007 we were wanting to put a anti-bully conference together in Wisconsin and I contacted the Girl Scouts to see if there was any information that I could use in our program. I immediately was sent to Alison. She was extremely helpful and followed up with me several times to check on our project. 
In 2008 she coordinated a conference of Girl Scout leaders and Staff to learn more about Relational Aggression. She was very knowledgeable and helpful to me with all of her information. Her heart is always in her projects and she is an amazing asset to any company. I truly believe that she is making a difference in the world and I look to her as a great role model for girls."

-Leigh Brown, Innovative Collaborator

"Alison was an extraordinary lead trainer at GSUSA's Relational Aggression Conference (January 2008). She was, and continues to be, a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher and colleague."

-Leela Kingman, Program Manager,

"Alison assisted me with a program for Girls on Relational Aggression. I contacted her via phone and we chatted about the program and the issue for nearly an hour and during that time she inspired me to pursue implementing the program with my daughter's Girl Scout troop. She was extremely helpful and supportive and knowlegeable about RA and its real effects on girls. Alison is a great Project Manager, spending a lot of time talking with me, sending me relevant program materials by mail and email, and following up with me on my initiative. I recommend her wholeheartedly."

-Heidi Sheppard, Advisor for Technology Collaborations,

"Alison's work with the Project Anti Violence Education (PAVE) grant brought us together. When Girl Scouts of Nassau County began its work on relational aggression, we were connected with the work Alison was doing as the Project Mnager on Pave the Way, an intiative of Girl Scouts of the USA. I found Alison eager to share her knowledge and responsive to our inquiries. She was involved in the creation of girl programming addressing the issue of healthy relationships and those program materials are available for use across the country by Girl Scout troops everywhere."

-Carole Aksak, Co-Founder, Parent on Point

"Alison, who I had the pleasure of working with for 4 years at GSUSA, is passionate, talented, driven, and very bright – all the hallmarks needed for success in any workplace I tapped into Alison’s expertise in girl development and anti-violence to help build content for a middle school curriculum for Girl Scouts. The result was a tremendously fun, valuable and innovative book (published September 2008) that girls all over the country are using as a guide to creating peaceful relationships. In addition to her content skill, because Alison is so conscientious and thoughtful about her work, I was able to count on her following through during a period of incredibly tight deadlines amidst an office climate of tumultuous change."

-Monica Shah, Director, Teacher Development & Professional Practice,

"Alison contracted with me to develop a multimedia instructional program on relational aggression (bullying) for the Girl Scouts. Alison functioned as the project leader and was delightful to work with. She was energetic, quickly responsive to questions and had terrific ideas. My father became severely ill early in the contract period and died several weeks later. During this time, I was not able to attend to our project and had to delegate most of my responsibilities to an associate. Alison was very compassionate and professional during this time. Once I was able to return to work, her enthusiasm helped lift my spirits and got me focused back on the project. During my experience working with Alison, she was an effective project leader and was a lot of fun to work with. I was especially impressed with how she was able to effectively manage the delicate balance between compassion for my personal situation and the needs of the project. I wish Alison well and I am confident that she will be an asset to any organization that employs her."

-Lory Woods, Senior Training Consultant,

"Alison Hill is an incredibly knowledgable and helpful member of the Girl Scout team. She took to media message training quickly and was able to help get out the message about the importance of anti-violence education. She is quick to respond, yet still offers thoughtful answers to difficult questions."

-Michelle Tompkins, Communications Consultant

"Alison hired 360KID for work she was doing as a Project Manager at Girl Scouts of the USA. She always followed through when we needed information, and had an uncanny attention to detail when it came to setting up the contract, paying invoices, and generally moving the work forward. I loved working with Alison and believe the feeling was mutual, as she continues to look for ways to work with 360KID on future projects."

-Phyllis Kaplan, Sales Manager,