"Thank you so much for speaking last night and allowing us to hold such a wonderful event.  Your passion for changing communities is amazing! This morning I told my kids they were powerful and discussed what they could do if they witness bullying.  Our conversation sounded just like you detailed last night!! Thanks again!  I hope to see you again soon."

-  Elissa T., Westchester, NY

"Alison recently spoke to the parents at our middle and high school about their many concerns about their kids' activities online. Her presentation, which addressed creating an online identity, good digital citizenship and understanding the permanence of your digital footprint, was lively and informative. Many parents told me afterward how helpful Alison was in helping them understand and normalize their kids' behavior; one told me it had completely turned around her thinking about her daughter's use of social media. Because Alison is both a knowledgeable and an entertaining speaker, parents came away feeling more relaxed and more informed on these topics. It was a very productive evening!"

-  Margaret Chabowski, Secretary, Institute for Collaborative Education PTA

"Alison Trachtman Hill presented at our PTSA meeting about digital abuse (cyber-bullying) and online reputation management (digital footprint). She spoke about working as a school community to become more respectful, responsible and inclusive, and the ways in which violence perpetrated online often has offline consequences. Her ability to speak candidly with us while providing us with the tools, tips and ideas we as parents need to help our children was greatly valued and appreciated. She is an excellent presenter who is knowledgeable about the subject matter, the complex lives of youth and the dynamics among parents and children. I highly recommend her for your PTSA meetings and your school community as a whole."

-  Laura Laub, VP, Middle School PTSA, Sleepy Hollow Middle School