Professional Colleagues

"Alison Trachtman Hill is a leading American expert on issues affecting “tween” and teen girls. She recently gave me very wise peer feedback in working through a strategy to resolve a complex situation with a group of teen girls. Having access to another professional to speak to about ideas, resources, guidance, etc. on a confidential basis is extremely valuable in a field where critical relationships are often on the line.
I have also had the privilege of observing her in an online think tank of top national minds on digital safety issues for youth. Among these brightest stars, Alison always shines out with her consistent, spot-on, sage advice. When she steps into the dialogue of the nation’s experts, she never repeats the obvious, but contributes unique value, which undoubtedly has grown out of a deep, ongoing continuum of the many girls she has helped in the past, is touching now, and will reach in the future. With many successes already under her belt, Alison undoubtedly has more to come and she is certainly one to watch!"

-  Dr. Jenny Walker, President, Cyberbullying Consulting Ltd.

"Alison Trachtman Hill was such an extraordinary project manager at Girl Scouts of the USA that, when I started my own consulting business, I asked her to work with me. She not only grasps the “big picture” quickly, but is adept at implementing complex projects effectively. Her expertise and enthusiasm were well-recognized by Girl Scout councils across the country. She is superb at cultivating and maintaining collaborations with other organizations, which stems from her genuine interest in making a difference in people’s lives."

-  Dr. Harriet S. Mosatche, President, The Mosatche Grou

"I've had the pleasure of working with Alison on numerous projects. In particular, she was an amazing partner when we collaborated on a freelance project to write a grant proposal for a health care clinic to fund their teen pregnancy prevention efforts. During this project, as she does with all of her work, she developed innovative programmatic ideas for the organization; had an excellent vision of how to pull the proposal components into a tight, well-written document; and was extremely organized and detail oriented. She is a wonderful partner, very bright and very dedicated to her work. I highly recommend her for any organizations looking for technical assistance or grant writing for any program focused on youth."

-  Andrea Shore, Freelancer/Consultant